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2013, forecast exports of plastic industry will have an average growth rate from 11 to 13.5% compared to last year. At the same time, Vietnam plastic industry is aiming to become the industry producing high quality products, variety of types and designs, are highly competitive and friendly environment.
On 6-1-2013, Trading Company - Production has officially heroic plant operators standard good manufacturing practice (GMP), a turning point in the packaging industry ....
According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the reputed exporters still have many orders and some export markets remained stable.
The analysis and data on actual market demand, market data, plastic production, plastic production technology, the number of enterprises plastic, plastic industry development plan, the main supplier of the plastic company in Vietnam.
Nguyen Dang Cuong, General Secretary Vietnam Plastics Association (VPA), said the new decision of the Ministry of Finance to adjust import duty resin materials has been difficult to reduce the production enterprises plastic on the ability to mobilize capital.
The process of injection blow molding (IBM) is used for the production of hollow glass and plastic objects in large quantities. In the IBM process, the polymer is injection molded into a core battery, then the battery back to a station to be inflated and cooled.